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bikini clad female mud fight photos

The second festival “Mirgorod Pig-2012 Holiday”, which started in the resort town, conducted demonstration bikini clad female gladiators mud fight. Look for them there were a lot of spectators, both local and visitors.
– Frankly, I overcame 150 kilometers specifically to look at the mud fight of bikini women. Heard about them from a friend. And it brought me away, – says Igor Shabatko resident Kremenchug, 37 years. – I look forward to.
The makeshift arena render several large bowls of mud. It poured the whole plane. Presenter says that in this kind of fight includes different techniques. He says the mud is not ordinary, it’s therapeutic. Therefore, anyone can break in it, if he wants to try himself as a mud fighter. Further explains, the dirt tends to scatter. But it’s not dangerous and can be easyly removed after drying.
– So they throw mud that will be? – a woman asked.
– Well, are you kitting, they will fight in it – responsed a guy.
Announced the first mud fight of two bikini wearing parties, the mud flies around. Some of the spectators are retreating back.
– “Panther” good kitty, come on, throw it – two men shouting.
The mud fight lasts two rounds. The winner’s nickname is “Panther”.
People applauded loudly, shouting “Bravo” and “Good.”
An hour later, the show is over. People disagree, exchanging experiences.
– What are they all beautiful. A body as proficient. It would be dangerous to become naughty near such hot girl – says a fifty years old man to hisĀ  friend.

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