Flexible & sporty


DAMN IT! What happened to female adult catfight wrestling? There is one hell of a fight going on here, you can sense the uncomfortable atmosphere in the ring as the two ladies brawl. Where do you find such awesome stuff? For a while it looked more like a game of pat-a-cake, when they were gonna start lezzin’ out! They look monster from the wild coming out to fight like dumb ass bitches. I’ve seen the whole video, i would like to see more! It’s quite a good rules catfight with some intense moments. Funny how the sporty girl “just happened” to be adult catfight wrestler, suspenders and a black thong which she made sure we all saw! This fight turnes on so much sporty girl is hot her sexy massive tits bouncing in the mud, this fight gets everyone so hard. I’m pretty sure that was not the in thing back then keep it rolling. I would love to see a rematch between these two that allowed face slapping as well. I am not sure if this is just my very personal outlook on adult catfight wrestling.


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