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DAMN IT! What happened to female adult catfight wrestling? There is one hell of a fight going on here, you can sense the uncomfortable atmosphere in the ring as the two ladies brawl. Where do you find such awesome stuff? For a while it looked more like a game of pat-a-cake, when they were gonna start lezzin’ out! They look monster from the wild coming out to fight like dumb ass bitches. I’ve seen the whole video, i would like to see more! It’s quite a good rules catfight with some intense moments. Funny how the sporty girl “just happened” to be adult catfight wrestler, suspenders and a black thong which she made sure we all saw! This fight turnes on so much sporty girl is hot her sexy massive tits bouncing in the mud, this fight gets everyone so hard. I’m pretty sure that was not the in thing back then keep it rolling. I would love to see a rematch between these two that allowed face slapping as well. I am not sure if this is just my very personal outlook on adult catfight wrestling.


More Female mud fight photos

bikini clad female mud fight photos

The second festival “Mirgorod Pig-2012 Holiday”, which started in the resort town, conducted demonstration bikini clad female gladiators mud fight. Look for them there were a lot of spectators, both local and visitors.
– Frankly, I overcame 150 kilometers specifically to look at the mud fight of bikini women. Heard about them from a friend. And it brought me away, – says Igor Shabatko resident Kremenchug, 37 years. – I look forward to.
The makeshift arena render several large bowls of mud. It poured the whole plane. Presenter says that in this kind of fight includes different techniques. He says the mud is not ordinary, it’s therapeutic. Therefore, anyone can break in it, if he wants to try himself as a mud fighter. Further explains, the dirt tends to scatter. But it’s not dangerous and can be easyly removed after drying.
– So they throw mud that will be? – a woman asked.
– Well, are you kitting, they will fight in it – responsed a guy.
Announced the first mud fight of two bikini wearing parties, the mud flies around. Some of the spectators are retreating back.
– “Panther” good kitty, come on, throw it – two men shouting.
The mud fight lasts two rounds. The winner’s nickname is “Panther”.
People applauded loudly, shouting “Bravo” and “Good.”
An hour later, the show is over. People disagree, exchanging experiences.
– What are they all beautiful. A body as proficient. It would be dangerous to become naughty near such hot girl – says a fifty years old man to hisĀ  friend.

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{February 7, 2008}   Sexy barefoot wrestling

Barefoot female catfights

Blondes, brunettes, redheads, large and small – all of them are barefoot and sporty, rough and violent and all of them are engaged into catfighting. Erotic catfight pics of barefoot female gymnasts trying themselfs in sexy catfight wrestling. Sportswomen wrestlers playing dirty, biting and undressesing their opponents.

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barefoot female catfights

Large woman savagely pounds on smaller girl
erotic gymnast catfight pics

Girls covered in feathers wrestling themselves into contorted positions.

sexy barefoot wrestling

Violent bitch gets kicked in the face and bites her opponent’s foot.

Blonde catfighting in office

Watch rough amateur wrestling match in the office! Office workers turned into violent catfighting bitches and smashing their victims.

rough amateur wrestling

Girl bashes blonde with telephone.
violent catfighting
Blonde office worker gets clobbered on desk.
office catfighting
Blonde teen is assaulted and strangled over prank.

This office catfighting seemed to me more violent then other amateur wrestling matches.

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Feather wrestling fighting

violent catfighting

Violent girls get into catfight in match.

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feather wrestling

Girl covered in feathers has her legs pulled apart in violent fighting.

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Catfight action between these two pretty girls fighting in bed of feathers.

{February 1, 2008}   Catfighting women

Sporty catfights

For those who love to see sporty attractive women in fight. Catfights from around the world! From street fights to professional female kick-boxers. The best part is that they are wearing g-strings or sexy outfits.

girl catfight

Girls trounce each other in milk bath in extreme catfight action.

russian women in bikini

catfighting wrestling

Catfighting chicks in rough amateur wrestling match.

catfighting woman

Beautiful woman models turne into catfights! Woman’s face is clawed and scratched by violent domme. She is very sporty and loves to dominate.


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